The Road to Waterdeep

So…the past can come back to haunt you.  At least this is what Raythius found out when the Arcane Brotherhood came calling. After dispatching his old friend, Stennis, Raythius and his allies were summoned to Castle Never to help Lord Neverember Dagault in stopping a possible attack by Frost Giants coming from the Trackless Sea. Rock Band still needing to head to Waterdeep, now races through the city streets to get back to the docks as soon as possible to head off a Giant Greatship filled with colossal foes that mean to do serious damage to a city still rebuilding after an earlier catastrophe.

Can you, sworn deputies of the Lords' Alliance protect the starling city of Neverwinter and finally head to Waterdeep? Or will this attack end your efforts as well as your lives!

Storm King's Thunder

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